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COVID-19 changes to selling to us

We have had to adapt the way we buy your items to be COVID-Safe.

With our shop, this has meant we were told we had to make changes to how we buy your items.

This is for everyone’s and especially baby and children’s health and safety.

So here are a few gentle reminders about our new COVID Safe rules when selling to us:

*We now have to have an appointment system to allow for contact tracing and so we can control how much stock is quarantined in our small store at any one time.

*Once we buy your items, we quarantine the clothes which come in to us for a set period of time before preparing them and releasing them for sale.

*We can only take one “bag for life” sized bag or maximum 30cm square box of clothes per appointment.

*Any clothes not new with tags MUST be FRESHLY washed before bringing them to the store, even if they have been stored. Washed anything up to 7 days prior to your appointment is absolutely fine 🙂

*We will not be able to accept any clothing which is not clean/has not been washed first.

Please don’t take offence if we have to refuse unwashed items

*Larger items and equipment are exempt from the bag rule, but please contact us before bringing them in.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and for helping us keep Making Parenthood Affordable!

Sam & the Mama’s Closet Team